Внешний кулер для ноутбука с Алиэкспресс

Дата: 23.03.2017
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A link to an external cooler for laptop from Aliexpress: https://goo.gl/ppUvNz

Ordered portable USB cooler for laptop from Aliexpress. The cost is $5.43. Item came after 1 month with free shipping from China.

Seeing for the first time this gadget was skeptical. But after watching and reading several reviews, I wanted to take him for the test. Have chosen shop with a large number of orders and positive reviews. External cooler for the laptop is bundled together with cord USB to Mini USB, a small stand, silicone accessories and user manual. The fan casing is plastic, with the two sides there are holes for air circulation. Using the device without problems, just connecting via USB port. Enable and configure the speed produced by the regulator. A stand for the cooler to use not necessarily, especially if your laptop is quite thick. But with it gadget is much better, because the two sides is a rubberized material. Silicone ear tips is 4 — they differ in the parameters and color. I think that there is an option for any radiator grille. And most importantly — this is a test of our portable cooler for the laptop. In the absence of stress, it will cool the CPU about 5 degrees. Think this is a good indicator. Under continuous load, the processor is heated to 91 degrees, this time on the computer was impossible to work with. By adding an external cooler, the CPU immediately began to cool. For 30 minutes of operation the temperature dropped to 76 degrees. Notice that the load was not reduced. The result is very pleased and has shown that the gadget is really working. Definitely recommend it for purchase! Buy an external cooler for laptop from Aliexpress please follow the link: https://goo.gl/ppUvNz

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