Гид по распродаже Алиэкспресс на Всемирный день шопинга 11 ноября. День холостяка 11.11.16

Дата: 18.02.2017
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Guide on sale AliExpress shopping World Day on 11 November. Singles Day 11/11/16

We collected for you the most concise and accessible guide on sale on 11 November. In the video you can see how to earn coins and coupons, as well as to understand where they can be spent.

1) 0:45 — City shopping.
Every day offers a new city, where you can visit the shops and to perform certain actions:
— Subscribe to the store and get 10 coins (you can add and remove, earning up to 1,000 coins per day).
— Play the game «Guess the card.» You can win coins from AliExpress coupons, coupons from merchants and speccoupons.
— View the announcement of all sales from this store on 11/11/16. Carefully study other sources of sales of the product and the price history so as not to be deceived by the typical tricks with raising prices before the sale.

2) 1:59 — Collections from customers
Create your own unique collection of the daily topic and invite them to vote for his friends. Every 50 people who have received the maximum number of votes per day, will receive coupons for $ 50. Also available speccoupons receive $ 2 viewing other people’s collections.

3) 2:20 — Mobile application AliExpress
All users of the Android OS are able to pick a few coupons for $ 2. (Check the application on the iPhone was not possible, so we will be happy to hear feedback on the subject)

4) 2:39 — AliExpress Race
A game in which you need to deliver the parcel faster than their competitors. Accelerate the messenger may be due to new AliExpress users. All the assistants will receive special bonuses and coupons on sale. Top 5 players each day receive gifts from the sponsor. The best player of all time gets a certificate for a one-room apartment in Moscow!

5) 3:13 — Mobile Bonus
This page is not new, but on October 28 it properly updated. As before, we can receive daily from 1 to 16 coins.

6) 3:30 — Quest of the day
In carrying out daily tasks, you can get coins and icon of the city. For 7 icons get 200 coins, 14 — a coupon for $ 5.

7) 3:44 — Awesome outfits
Shake the phone, wait until the mechanism to stop. If things are formed into a single outfit — we receive from 2 to 50 coins, depending on the animal.

8) 3:57 — Exchange coins on AliExpress coupons
 Although the title claimed only coupons on AliExpress, in fact, we can get coupons for coins from certain stores, and even products.

9) 4:10 — Other activities on the World Day sales shopping November 11
— From 8 to 10 November to meet directly broadcast, which will be played AliExpress coupons and other goodies.
— From 8 to 10 November will be able to buy coupons at a discount of 50%.
— Promotional offers in «The Mall» and «brand-focus».
— Possibility to visit the showroom in Moscow.
— The top bloggers will share on November 8 with their shopping plans on sale 11.11
— As always, new users AliExpress get a lot of coupons.

Any questions you can ask in the comments to this video!

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Cамые полные обзоры товаров с Алиэкспресса, а также как выбирать товар, какая оплата на алиэкспресс удобнее, какую доставку лучше выбрать.

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