Муфта для коляски с Алиэкспресс

Дата: 09.03.2017
Рубрики:Новости, товары.

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Link to the clutch for wheelchairs from AliExpress: https://goo.gl/tjk9lp

We ordered the clutch hand on the stroller from Aliexpress. Cost — $ 8.64. Goods came for 1 month with free shipping from China.

With the onset of cold weather, there is a need for warming your hands when walking with the baby. For this purpose, we ordered separate sleeve gloves. They are well made and well stitched. External material — mac., domestic — fleece. The filler is sintepon. The clutch is adjustable in size, therefore suitable for fragile female, and for a huge man’s hand. Mittens are attached to the stroller using Velcro. They hold strongly enough, so the accessory does not fidgeting on the handle. For its main function, warm caring handles, clutch copes well. Buying pleased us and we can easily recommend it. Buy the clutch for wheelchairs from AliExpress can by link: https://goo.gl/tjk9lp

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Cамые полные обзоры товаров с Алиэкспресса, а также как выбирать товар, какая оплата на алиэкспресс удобнее, какую доставку лучше выбрать.

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