Оригинальные наушники Xiaomi Piston 3 с AliExpress

Дата: 30.03.2017
Рубрики:Новости, товары.

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Link to Xiaomi Piston 3 from AliExpress site: http://goo.gl/3oyz4F

We ordered the headphones Xiaomi Piston v3 from Aliexpress. Cost — $ 18.81. Goods come for 10 days with free shipping from China.

Finally, I stopped to hurt my ears! Up to this point I have tried a lot of budget headphones and still decided to pay a little to enjoy good sound. The choice fell on the shop OKQI (http://goo.gl/Ct7nXg) — is the guest section of the Mall, which specializes in technology, including Xiaomi. It is at times reduces the chances of getting a fake. Headphones flew in just 10 days. They were well packaged and not damaged during transport. The first step in the review, you can see the cardboard box, on the spread of which is to guide the clips. What follows is a very stylish plastic box, which are our headphones. The box comes with an ottoman rubber wound headphones. Inside, on the bottom of the packaging are fixed 3 pairs of removable inserts of different sized. Xiaomi Huosai Piston v3 Black look very stylish and expensive. The first thing to catch the eye inserts that are in these headphones are not standard, but at an angle. Personally, I’m in a Piston whole day, while the ears are not tired and earphones do not fall out. A couple of times I have had much to hurt the cord, eventually took off the plug and not the headset. It’s great =) On the right there is a switch wire with a microphone and three buttons. If possible, their functionality can be changed in the settings of your smartphone. The main cord from Xiaomi Piston 3 is wrapped Kevlar thread. It is very practical, because it is not interrupted, well bent and not colded. Near the plug is elastic, which will prolong the life of headphones, especially for people who constantly put the phone in his pocket. Also, I can say that the length of the headphones — they are not short and not long. The best for me, and maybe you) Sound at Mi Piston v3, on my Xiaomi Mi4c, — just a bomb. It remains only to learn how this accessory will hold the 3rd generation. Buy Headphones Xiaomi Piston 3 from AliExpress can by link: http://goo.gl/3oyz4F

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