Селфи палка. Монопод с Алиэкспресс

Дата: 14.03.2017
Рубрики:Новости, товары.

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Link to the selfie stick from AliExpress site: http://goo.gl/Yf8AFU

We ordered a monopod from Aliexpress. Cost — $ 2.90. This product came in 2.5 months with free shipping from China.

Better late than never. That is how we decided to buy a selfie stick. The thing is very useful, and sometimes even necessary for cool photo or video. Of course, if you do not rush with it for days and shoot «duck» sponge. A monopod is very convenient because of its compactness. When assembled, it takes only 14.5 cm. On the other hand fully extended it reaches 52 cm. This allows you to make aluminum telescopic tube. Handle in our selfie stick is rubberized, so should not slip in hot weather or during prolonged shooting. We bought a wire monopod — it works through the connector 3.5. Not all phones at once understand that it is connected to the selfie stick. In this case, you must download one of the hundreds of applications that are available for free. After all the preparations, you can safely start using monopod! The difference in the product from the seller only in color. We opted for the orange. Buy selfie stick from AliExpress you can by link: http://goo.gl/Yf8AFU.

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