Универсальные подстаканники для коляски с Алиэкспресс

Дата: 11.02.2017
Рубрики:Новости, товары.

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Очень много по низким ценам товаров здесь:

Link to universal holders for prams from AliExpress: https://goo.gl/Se5rJf
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We ordered a cup holders for the stroller from Aliexpress. Cost — $ 1.55 and $ 3.34. Goods come for 30 days with free shipping from China.

The last time we upgraded the carriage with the help of a cool clutch — https://youtu.be/cf26RAaf4e0. At this time we purchased 2 different cupholders. The first all-plastic accessory. Quite durable and flexible, allowing to insert and keep the containers of different sizes. The maximum allowable diameter of about 8 cm. Mounted on the carriage tightly with a clamp and screws. Losing a cup holder is unrealistic difficult. Second cup holder allows for some time to maintain the temperature of the beverage. Externally it is made from dense water-repellent fabric, inside — from the dense oilcloth. Keeps the filler temperature which is between the inner and outer material. Mounted on the accessory stroller bumper at an angle of 45 degrees, so is the side. Outside there are also two pockets, into which you can put paper or phone. The maximum diameter of the container accommodates approximately 9 cm. The two cupholders very high quality and unique in its own way. You can attach them to the sled, and other children’s mobile tools if desired. Goods can definitely recommend. Buy a cup holder for a universal stroller from AliExpress can follow links: https://goo.gl/Se5rJf
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Cамые полные обзоры товаров с Алиэкспресса, а также как выбирать товар, какая оплата на алиэкспресс удобнее, какую доставку лучше выбрать.

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