Aliexpress fake tablet, FAKE PROCESSOR PROOF Tablet PCS 10 inch Octa Cores 2560X1600 DDR3 4GB ram

Дата: 13.02.2017

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I made this video as a proof to show aliexpress what their sellers are selling and as an advice for future customers, also, to open a dispute and try to recover the money I wasted in this fraud.
The software of the tablet is cracked to show the specifications that the sellrer wants.
The tablet also came with a pre-installed version of antutu, modified of course, showing the specifications that the seller wants but it can`t be updated or unistalled, weird uh?
That is why lot of buyers are cheated and do not open a dispute.
Also, all this kind of tablets are showing fake specifications in the Aliexpress webpage.
Like the one I bought here:…
In the description you can see that it has an MT6592T octa-core at 2.0ghz but the real thing is that it mounts an MT6582 quad-core processor at 1.3ghz, this is what you can see in this video I recorded:…
I used MTKdroid tools to reveal the real processor, just like I saw in other videos.
Also, it says that it is a Samsung tablet, wich is not, obiously, you can`t see Samsung in any part of the tablet. (The modified by the seller antutu also says that the tablet is a Samsung).
This is another proof that the software of the tablet was modified to show what they want.
The screen resolution is also a fake, it has a REAL 1280×737 screen resolution and only 7 inches sized instead of the 2560×1600 and 10 inches sized described in Aliexpress.
I also recorded a video showing this:…
This is because the REAL MT6582 chipset only can handle 1280×720 (1280×737) screen resolutions and NOT 2560×1600 resolutions as the sellers described.
You can see this in the official Mediatek webpage:…
The internal storage is also a fake, in my case I can’t transfer more than 16gb so that is the internal memory capacity of my tablet an NOT 32gb as described, but I know that some people are recieving it with also less capacity, like only 6gb.
I can make a video as a proof of this if it is neccessary.

The battery capacity and ram memory also used to be fake in this kind of tablets, I am not able to test mine but I suspect that is only 1gb of ram memory instead of the 4gb described.

Just like what happened to this other user:…

And other user with the same problems:…

User with this fake tablet and another problems (Also you can see the real specifications of this kind of tablets in this post):…

I can’t understand why aliexpress allow their sellers to cheat and fool their customers like this.
I will open a dispute using this videos as a proof and I expect that Aliexpress solve my problem and take actions against this sellers who sell fake tablets.
I will tell here what happened in the end.

Алиэкспресс- это крупная торговая площадка с многомиллионными оборотами.
В сделке между вами Алиэкспресс выступает посредником, и предоставляет инструменты по выбору того или иного продавца. Также Алиэкспресс хранит деньги покупателя, до получения покупателем своего заказа. Однако выбор продавца ложится на плечи покупателя. К счастью, на Алиэкспресс есть множество метрик по которым можно выбрать хорошего продавца и не обращаться к плохому.

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